Monday, 5 March 2012

Elie Saab

I have fallen in LOVE all over again!! I’ve been doing some research for a photo shoot and need to share this amazing self-taught designer with you, Elie Saab. Born in Lebonon Elie started his dress making at the tender age of 10 making clothes for his sisters. At the age of 18 he opened his first Couture Atelier in Beirut and the success has been non-stop from there! Credit where credit is due, this man is an inspirational talent!

His beautiful dresses are made with fine materials and delicate embroideries making the end result ON POINT. His simple yet very sophosticated designs “magnify femininity” and his speciality as stated on his website is creating the ultimate dress that highlights a woman’s silhouette which maybe explains why he is firm favourite on the red carpet.

Above are a few items from his S/S collection, he combines his usual nudes with this years Spring Summer trend of colours…blues, greens, yellows and more! Check out the full collection and others on

For those of you lucky enough to be able to purchase or for those of you who just want to see these beauties in person, you can pop down to Harrods where he ofcourse has his own boutique. For inquiries or more information about the boutique you can email them on

Unfortunately these dresses are a little bit over my budget but I’ll be reserving a special place in my wardrobe! A girl can dream…

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